Vision & Mission

Childhood is a magical time.

Caring for the individual is a priority and we aim to provide a happy, supportive environment in which all the children feel valued and secure. SMS Trust believes in excellence and endeavours to promote the highest standards in all aspects of school life, whether in the classroom, in Play halls, or in the community. Children are encouraged to explore and develop their talents and interests through balanced curriculum and activities. Work in lessons is enriched by a wide range of other activities.

With its own dedicated building and play areas the school provides a safe and happy environment for children. From the Start learning is fun and through constructive play the children are encouraged to develop creativity, self-confidence and independence. With creative environment children foster skills. This gives the children opportunity to learn, communicate and to become independent.


Our pride is in the individuality of our children. We wish to provide a warm, caring environment where children feel secure, happy and confident.

Nursery should be an enjoyable experience for every child. It is our aim to maintain and develop enthusiasm and joy for learning by young children, encouraging confidence and positive attitude towards learning.

Our aim is to:

  • Create a happy and stimulating environment
  • Encourage physical and intellectual development of the child
  • Create opportunities to play
  • Extend the child’s abilities to communicate ideas and feelings
  • Create awareness amongst children to:
    • Be kind and helpful
    • Work Hard
    • Listen to others
    • Be Honest
    • Be Gentle and Polite
    • Be friendly with other children and respect elders
  • Provide good equipment which are safe and have educational values and appealing to Pre-school children
No. 98/1, Ramanjaneya Road,
Hanumanth Nagar,
Bangalore - 560 019