Parents Teachers Meeting

We recognize that all parents, regardless of income, education, or Cultural background, are involved in their children's learning and want their children to do well. Attending school meetings or events is the leading form of parent participation in schools. Parent involvement can make a difference in a child’s education.

The objective of the meet is:

  • To familiarize you with the activities carried out in the school and to get your valuable suggestions.
  • To make you aware of the progress of your ward and involve you in his fundamental education process. Your participation and valuable guidance may be of a great help to your ward.

The meet is mainly the interactive one, which allows both putting up their problems and finding solutions .Every problem is sought amicably. Every year two such meets are organised. Some valuable suggestions the parents give will be always taken care of.

One in the month of July. i.e. soon after the induction of all admissions and at the beginning of the term. This meet facilitates the parents and teachers to know each other and discuss the learning program scheduled for the year.

The second one after the first term i.e. some time in october. During this meet the progress made by the children will be the main part. Anything that requires the parent's attention will be discussed in length and sorted out.

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