Out Door Visit 2015 for Children from LKG & UKG

One out door visit to Jayaprakash Narayan, Mattikere was organised for LKG & UKG students on 6th Dec 2015. The students enjoyed the visit.

Out Door Visit for Children from LKG & UKG Classes

The children enjoy when they are taken out away from class room to an open environment or some public places and set to move freely. With anxiety and interest they look at everything they come across and enjoy the visit. Number of questions they pose. The Teachers give them appropriate answers. Some answers they them self find.
Every year one day out door visit trip is organised for children from LKG & UKG Classes. On 6-11-2013 one such trip was organised. This time the children along with 12 teaching and non-Teaching staff visited the famous Sri Vishvesharaiah Technological museum. The children enjoyed the visit.

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