Vidya Kendra Staff

Children, between the ages of 0 to 6 years are just like tender saplings. Saplings germinate from seeds and grow into delicate plants. Similarly, children are born on earth and start growing, developing and maturing gradually.

A teacher is to a child what a gardener is to a plant. Desired growth and development in a child can be effectively brought forth at the skilled and efficient hands of a professionally experienced and highly accomplished teacher.

In the Beginning when the Shishuvihar was started there were only Two Teachers and two Non Teaching assistants. As the school grew year by year the Teachers and Non Teaching Staff Assistants had to be increased.

At present there are 13 Teachers and 14 Non-Teaching assistants including one security staff.

The Names of the Teaching staff and Non-Teaching assistants are given below.

    Teaching Staff
  • Mrs Veena Shankar
  • Mrs Gayathri Raju
  • Mrs Swapna Lakshmish
  • Mrs Arundhathi Sastry
  • Mrs Indrani Rao
  • Mrs Madhuri Patil
  • Mrs Gayathri Srinivas
  • Mrs Usha Raghavendra
  • Mrs Malathi Chandrashekar
  • Mrs Veena B R
  • Mrs Bharathi H R
  • Mrs Gayathri Udya
  • Lakshmi H S
    Non-Teaching assistants
  • Venkatamma
  • Thimmamma
  • Rangamma
  • Suma
  • Rajeshwari
  • Mani
  • Gowramma
  • Dhanalakshamma
  • Jayalakshamma
  • Savitha
  • Shobha
  • Sudha
  • Sharadamma

Security staff: Mahadeva

Smt. Veena Shankar , Teacher and Smt. Venkatamma a Non-teaching assistant, are working since the beginning of the School. To recognize and acknowledge their dedicated service the management facilitated and honoured them during the silver Jubilee celebrations of the school.

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Hanumanth Nagar,
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