(1926 - 2006)
Founder, The Arcitect

Sri M.S. Shesharangaiah, youngest son of sri Maradi subbiah completely took over his father’s business empire some time in 1938 and later on expanded it.

Besides the business, he turned all of his father’s dreams and vision into reality. Sri Shesharangaiah is the main architect of founding and developing all wings of the Trust in his father’s name and memory.

All other Six Trustees associated with him in all of his actions.

His father’s vision of education to be Everybody’s Right came into reality in a small scale in 1983 when he established a Shishu Vihar and a Yoga Kendra in the name of his father. Both the Shishu vihar and Yoga Kendra grew steadily and are effectively providing service.

The Shishu Vihar later renamed as Sri Maradi Subbiah Vidya Kendra stands today in pride, catering about 250 children and provides basic education from Pre-Nursery to UKG Class at a very nominal fee structure affordable by the poor.

The Vidya Kendra has recently completed 30 years of dedicated service.

The other wings of the trust are Primary Health Care center, SMS Kalyana Mantap.

All these are situated in Hanumanth Nagar, at the foot of the hill of the famous Sri Ramanjaneya Temple.

He passed away in 2006. He remains in the heart of all

No. 98/1, Ramanjaneya Road,
Hanumanth Nagar,
Bangalore - 560 019