Sri Maradi Subbiah (1875 - 1933)

Sri Maradi Subbiah’s ancestors belong to the Princely city of Mysore and in 1830’s, his father Sri Maradi Rangaiah moved to Bangalore in search of better opportunities in life and in the process started manufacturing of silk sarees.
Sri Maradi Subbiah expanded his father’s business of manufacturing and marketting the whole sale trading of silk sarees and fabrics to paramount heights.
Besides this business activity Sri Maradi Subbiah, a great philanthropic person, was involved in many social activities. He was involved in establishing many social institutions like Devanga Sangha, Devanga Kalyana Mantap, Free hostel for students coming from remote places to Bangalore for pursuing their studies etc. He was also founder member of Devanga Bank which was merged into Vijaya Bank during nationalization.
To commemorate the silver jubilee year of sri Jayachamarajendra wodeyar’s rule over the state of Mysore, he donated land owened by him in the heart of the city of Bangalore, to be used as a park for the public.
This park exists even today and is known as Siver Jubilee Park.
He wanted Education to be everybody’s right and also wanted primary Health care is available and affordable to one and all, irrespective of caste and creed. He passed away at the age of 58.
His three sons continued in the path set by him.
The visions once Sri Maradi Subbiah had, turned into reality steadily with the efforts of his sons and grandsons.

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