Open sites before construction of Trust Buildings

SMS Kalyana Mantap Complex

Primary Health Care Centre is also housed in this complex

Yoga Kendra & Pre-Nursery School
SMS Vidya Kendra Complex
Sri Maradi Subbiah Trust®

On 25th May 1972, Seven members from the family circle of Late Sri Maradi Subbiah, Executed and declared a "DEED OF TRUST".

These seven members were collectively referred to as the "AUTHORS OF THE TRUST".
The names of these members are

  • M.S. Devarangaiah (Aged 65 Y)
  • M.S. Shesharangaiah ( Aged 50 Y)
  • M.R. Subbarangaiah (Aged 42 Y)
  • M.R. Maradirangaiah (Aged 31 Y)
  • M.R. Yadavendra (Aged 27 Y)
  • Smt. Sharadamma Devarangaiah (Aged 45 Y)
  • Smt. Sharadamma Shesharangaiah (Aged 42 Y)

These 'Authors of Trust' were desirous of creating a Trust for the purpose of doing charities by offering social, Educational and Medical facilities to the POOR and NEEDY citizens of Bangalore and other areas and for this purpose declared the Trust and subsequently named it after their Father (Grand Father of Some). Late 'Sri Maradi Subbiah' had visions providing such facilities to the Poor. ON forming the Trust, these 'Authors of Trust' started stepping ahead to bring the dreams of Late Sri Maradi Subbiah into reality. Thus 'Sri Maradi Subbiah Trust' came into existence. Since then the authors of Trust are declared as TRUSTEES.

Apart from the financial contribution, four of the Trustees contributed some Land properties belonging to them and situated in Gavipura Village, Sunkenahalli adjusted site extension, Hanumanth Nagar, Bangalore for the purpose of the Trust activities.

Survey No.
Vacant Site NO.
Approximate Size
Contributed By
30' x 60'
M.R. Subbarangaiah
(41'+42')/2 x 67'
M.R. Yadavendra
(68'+22')/2 x 72'
M.S. Devarangaiah
Smt. Sharadamma Shesharangaiah

The main purpose of Trust as described in the DEED OF TRUST goes as under.

  • To Provide facilities and amenities for the education of the poor, irrespective of their caste or religion or community, in the form of free scholarships for indigenous as well as foreign education and if necessary grant interest-free loans for such purposes in deserving cases provided that such interest-free loans shall be treated as income in the year in the which they are repaid;
  • To provide medical facilities to those who are in need, to construct maternity wards and the like in and around Bangalore. Such amenities and facilities can also be provided in other areas at the discretion of the Trustees;
  • To provide accommodations and hostel facilities, both boarding and lodging, to poor students irrespective of religion or community or caste or creed free of cost;
  • To receive donations or contributions for the benefit of the Trust fund from Philanthropic persons and persons charitably disposed for carrying on the activities for which the Trust is created;
  • To start, establish, maintain and conduct any such activity or public utility or charity not involving the carrying of any activity for profit including a Kalyana Mandira with all necessary facilities, hospitals and educational institutions.
  • To contribute funds to institutions having similar objects.
    The dedicated efforts put up by all Trustees has resulted today’s conglomerate unit of the Trust, mainly comprising of:
    Sri Maradi Subbiah Kalyana Mantap started in 1978
    Yoga Kendra
    Primary Health Centre &
    Sri Maradi Subbiah Vidya Kendra started in 1983.

All these stand today serving the Public and the poor with Pride.

The Trustees who sacrificed and turned the visions of Sri Maradi Subbiah into reality cannot be forgotten. They stay in our hearts.

Sri Ramanjaneya Road,
Hanumanth Nagar,
Bangalore - 560 019.