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Sri Maradi Subbiah Trust - Kalyana Mantap

After the creation of the trust in 1972, with the initiation of Sri Sesharangaiah, Sri Subbarangaiah and others It was decided to construct a building to provide a platform for Social Gathering, Religious Lectures and discourses, Conferences, Meetings, Marriage ceremonies etc. It was decided to keep the charges to a minimum with an aim to help the poor. The building complex was completed and inaugurated in 1978.

Through the large main entrance, one will usher into a spacious large hall where 400 seats can be arranged easily. A wide Dias, facing East, is situated at the end of the hall. Both Hall and dias area are ventilated well and are quite airy.

The dining hall and the kitchen are situated down below the Hall. Both are very spacious with separate store rooms. Both are properly ventilated and airy. There is one mini hall on the first floor.

There are in all 11 rooms out of which three on either side of the dias are attached with wash rooms. One room is equipped with Air Cooler arrangements. All other rooms are also quite spacious. Number of Bath rooms and Toilet Units are provided for the use of other room occupiers and function attending people.

Hot water arrangements are available. Sufficient modern electrical installations have been done to provide bright and colourful illumination to grace the function.

Uninterrupted Electrical Power arrangements as well as water supply arrangements have been provided.

Recently for security purpose, centrally monitored digital camera systems are installed at all main locations like hall, Kitchen, generator room, Passage, dining hall etc. . .

Limited Car Parking is also available.

The Kalyan Mantap has gathered popularity and serving with pride with lots of amenities. Today it stands as one of the prestigious Kalyan Mantaps in the vicinity.

Tarrif, Availability & Booking:
For all these details please contact the Office situated in the Kalyana Mantap Building.

Office Phone No:
080-26677401 / 080-26508644

At present Sri M.S. Hemachandra is the Managing Trustee of the Trust.

Sri Ramanjaneya Road,
Hanumanth Nagar,
Bangalore - 560 019.