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Dr. Ramachandra B Bewoor
MBBS (Bom), DLO.
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FCLI., F.S.V.I (Germany)
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Primary Health Care Centre

An Extract of WHO on Primary Health Care is given below.

“Health care professions need to continuously utilize the strategies and principles of primary health care. Health care must constantly evolve and meet the growing demands of the population for quality health services. There are many issues, challenges and dilemmas that health professionals and community have to face in the area of health care and medicine. This involves the growing population, poverty, rise of chronic diseases, high cost of medical or health care and poor access and availability for life saving medical services. In these events the primary health care initiatives and concepts should be taken into consideration particularly by the nursing profession. Primary Health Care or PHC is an alternative or an effort to shift services from hospital-based curative approach to a more of home or community-based preventive approach. It has been 30 years since the goals of primary health care were first highlighted on the Declaration of Alma-Ata during the International Conference on Primary Health Care, Alma-Ata, USSR in the year 1978. One of the main objectives of primary health care is to make health services accessible and available to all.”

The principles of the PHC include the focus on health promotion, illness and disability prevention, maximum community participation, accessibility to health and health services, interdisciplinary and inter sectorial collaboration, and lastly the use of appropriate technologies like resources and strategies.

In the Year 1995, Sri Sesharangaiah and Sri Subbarangaiah along with other Trustees, continued to serve on social front and added one more Pearl into their chain of institutions. This time it was a Primary Health care centre. To bring into reality the vision of Sri Maradi Suubiah to provide Primary Medical care to the poor and needy free of cost, they started the Primary Health Care Centre.

The ultimate goal of primary health care is better health for all. One of the main objectives of primary health care is to make health services accessible and available to all.

Some jurisdictions apply PHC principles in planning and managing their health care services for the detection, diagnosis and treatment of common health conditions at local clinics, and organizing the referral of more complicated health problems to more appropriate levels of advanced health care.

Sri Maradi Subbiah Primary Health care centre works on this basis. Common day to day ailments / Sickness is treated in the clinic and the Patients with more complicated problems are advised to consult in an advanced health care centre. This free clinic is housed in the Kalyana Mantap Complex, adjacent to the Kalyana Mantap Office.

Any citizen can enrol and register to avail the medical facilities available at the above health care centre. On registration, they will be issued with a Card in which the doctors record the details of sickness and the prescription of medicines. A nominal one-time fee of Rs 10/- (Rupees Ten Only) is charged for the card which will be valid for 365 days. Available medicines will be issued to the Patients, free of cost. For medicines not available with the clinic, the consulting Doctors will Issue to the Patients, the prescriptions for procuring the Medicines from outside. The service of the Doctors is rendered Free.

The general timings of the clinic are 9.30 am to 12.30 pm and 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm. The patients are informed to call / or contact health care centre office for ascertaining the available timing of a particular doctor they want to Consult.
Telephone No. : 080-26608116

An appeal:

Many retired doctors choose to remain in touch with the profession, either through voluntary clinical work or social activities.

One of such Possible ways of remaining in touch with the profession include occupying positions, for example in free clinics and charitable venues.

Sri Maradi Subbiah Charitable Trust runs a Free Clinic. The Trust is in need of such Doctors who are experts in their field, and are willing to be associated with the Free clinic to provide medical consultations/Service to the Patients attending the clinic day to day . Thus their experience and expertise can help the poor patients. A monthly Honorarium will be given to them to acknowledge their service which will be within our endeavor.

Interested Doctors may contact Our Health Clinic or Trust Office for details or send their CVs.

Medical Camp:

Every year the Trust organises a free medical camp open for all citizens. Expert doctors in nearly all major faculties come along with their entire team and portable equipment’s, carry out detail check-ups and consultation free. The people are educated on Health awareness, through discourses of lectures, Visuals etc.

It is our experiences that number of citizens come up and take advantage of such camp every year.

Last year (2013) as a change, a program on Health awareness on Mal Nutrition by R V College of nursing was organised.

The response from citizen was overwhelming and the program was successful.

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