(1921 - 2006)
(1931 - 2012)
The Architects of the Trust

Sri M.S. Sesharangaiah, Youngest son of Sri Maradi Subbiah, and Sri Subbarangaiah Son Of Maradi Rangaiah and one of the Grand sons of Sri Maradi Subbiah, spear-headed the Trust activities. They Started to bring Sri Maradi Subbiah’s dreams and visions into reality.

After the creation of the Trust in 1972, they planned, started and completed the construction of the Kalyana Mantap Complex. From 1978, the building is put to use for all types of Social gatherings, marriages, Religious lectures and discourses etc. This amenity is still being provided to people from all layers of the society, with minimum charges. Today the complex is one of the prestigious Kalyana Mantaps in the area.

Sri Sesharangaiah and Sri Subbarangaiah continued their activities and founded Sri Maradi Subbiah Vidya Kendra and One Yoga Kendra in 1983. Their actions were always supported by all the Trustees. Another Pearl they added was the Primary Health care center, which serves the common people free of cost.

All these are situated in Hanumanth Nagar, at the foot of the hill of the famous Sri Ramanjaneya Temple.

They Continued to serve the society through these social platforms. They stood like Rocks and faced all sorts of hurdles with ease and care.

They, both are The Architects of the Trust.

Sri Sesha Rangaiah passed away in 2006 and Sri Subbarangaiah in 2012. They remain in the hearts of all of Us.

Sri Ramanjaneya Road,
Hanumanth Nagar,
Bangalore - 560 019.